Competitive Cost The best roofing company will offer competitive costs for the work needed to be done. Competitors might have a higher cost for the same work. This will help you see the different price ranges.   New Shingles are Used If your contractor is using low-quality materials, he/she is […]

8 Ways to Know You Have the Best Roofing Contractor ...

Pre-installation Inspection We inspect the roof before the replacement to find any repairs needed during the process. The roof, attics, gutters, flashing, siding, shutters, chimneys, skylights, and vents will be examined as well for any damage.   Photograph trouble spots Getting to review pre-existing damage with our clients is very […]

5 Tips to Prevent Property Damage in Roofing

What Do You Want Make a list of things that you need or want to be done. This will help you remember what to communicate to your roofer so their work meets your expectations. Hire Local Hiring a local contractor comes with many advantages. One advantage is that they will […]

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Roof Replacement

We have been waiting for this night all year. The night Santa flies house to house delivering presents. What could go wrong? Well, Santa could see how unprepared his landing strip (your roof top) is for Christmas Eve and just decide to skip your house. Not this year. With this […]

Preparing Your Roof for Santa’s Sleigh

Slate Shingles
It’s important to consider the pros and cons of different types of roof shingles and the relative cost of each roofing material. Here’s a look at some commonly used roofing materials: Asphalt shingles — Generally the most frequently used, asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive. Plus, if you purchase coated asphalt […]

What type of shingle is right for you?

When hail hits, the cost shouldn’t hit you.     Last June, more than 5,000 major hail storms roared through the country with the majority hitting Texas according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Severe Storm’s database.  Homeowners who’ve experienced an unpredictable storm worry about the cost of repairing […]

Hail damage will not increase insurance costs

  Are you aware that during a hail storm more than just your vehicles are potentially vulnerable to damage and future repairs? When hail hits, it can damage the roof or covering of your home as well as other personal property. There are many types of damage to shingles that […]

Roof Damage from Hail

Protect home
Among all the many joys of being a homeowner, there is also the responsibility of maintenance. The cost of prevention can be substantially less than repairing adverse damage resulting from lack of maintenance. Here is a list a common routine maintenance every homeowner should know and practice. Monthly Examine heating/cooling […]

Protect your Home and Family

Hail balls
The aftermath of a storm can leave you stressed and helpless. Here are a few steps to take immediately after a storm to help you take control. Walk through your home – Check for breach of openings that need immediate mitigation to prevent further damage. Do not get on the […]

Homeowner Tips | What to do After a Storm